Casino gambling on internet

Casino gambling on internet

As a non-profit organization, ECOGRA is just there to ensure that all gambling groups follow the standards they have set for them. ECOGRA also stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. ECOGRA is the organization who can protect the people and other companies from new groups who want to venture in this kind of business. As a part of their job, ECOGRA properly inspects and monitors all online casinos and poker rooms. The group is there to ensure that players are always protected from scams while playing, to make the operators of such gaming sites be responsible in providing games, and to give a healthy competition among online gambling groups. ECOGRA stands as an authority to gambling groups and acts as the leader in providing safety and fairness to all.

ECOGRA is responsible for providing accreditation to gambling groups. They use the activities and performances of gambling groups as their basis for accreditation. The organization has actual inspections, on site monitoring to view the operations of a certain gambling group.

Just recently, ECOGRA has added Groupe Partouche to its list of accredited groups. ECOGRA believes that Groupe Partouche has done its job in following the rules and standards of ECOGRA. Groupe Partouche has been doing great performances on their activities and continuously acts as a leader among gambling groups in France. It is the largest land based gambling group found today in France. Being the most popular among all, Groupe Partouche made sure that they will achieve accreditation from ECOGRA as soon as possible. And this happened on the 17th of March year 2010. Together with this accreditation goes the certified seal from ECOGRA which is the “safe and fair” seal.

This helps Groupe Partouche become more popular and accepted by the gambling people of France. Being able to follow the standards set by ECOGRA landed them an accreditation from the organization. The group performed their best efforts while being inspected by the team members of the ECOGRA. Some current operations of the Groupe Partouche are still under development and will later be assessed for further accreditation.

This accreditation would not have been possible with the help of Partouche Technologies, the software provider of Groupe Partouche Interactive Gibraltar Limited. They have been there to fully support the group and prove to the ECOGRA team that their services are being handled by the most professional people and all their services are well maintained and organized. Nathalie Pereira lead the Partouche Technologies in proving so, and the ECOGRA members couldn’t agree more.